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The Condominio Villas at Embarc Zihuatanejo, A.C. Board of Directors consists of 5 Directors who are elected for 3 year staggered terms at the Annual Association meetings. The Board is responsible for the overall management and operation of the Condominio Villas at Embarc Zihuatanejo, A.C. Each Director must act honestly, in good faith and in the best interests of the Villas at Embarc Zihuatanejo. In carrying out their duties, the Directors must also exercise the care, diligence and skill of a reasonably prudent person.

Board of Directors

  • Robert Reyes — President
  • Jorge Irra — Secretary
  • Maritza De Leon — Treasurer
  • Scot Hein — Director
  • Dolores Heisinger — Director

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting

Financial Statements




PDF icon Villas_AGM_2011.pdf49.13 KB
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PDF icon Villas_BOD_Meeting_0614.pdf598.2 KB
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PDF icon Villas_BOD_Meeting_112015.pdf738.21 KB
PDF icon Villas_BOD_Meeting_112813.pdf687.22 KB
PDF icon Villas_BOD_Meeting_122010.pdf42.81 KB
PDF icon Villas_Financials_2009.pdf134.42 KB
PDF icon Villas_Financials_2010.pdf1.54 MB
PDF icon Villas_Financials_2011.pdf173.33 KB
PDF icon Villas_Financials_2013.pdf902.36 KB
PDF icon Villas_Financials_2014.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon Villas_AGM_2016.pdf601.07 KB
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PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-December-2016.pdf102.08 KB
PDF icon Villas_AGM_2018.pdf486.86 KB
PDF icon Transfer-of-Villa-Trust-Beneficiary-Rights-Manual.pdf757.32 KB
PDF icon villas_at_embarc_zihuatanejo_condo_2019_agm.pdf4.71 MB
PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-November-2019.pdf155.85 KB
PDF icon Villas_AGM_2020.pdf4.95 MB
PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-June-2020.pdf155.38 KB
PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-August-20-2020.pdf135.85 KB
PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-June-16-2021.pdf128.81 KB
PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-June-18-2020.pdf142 KB
PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-Sept-1-2022.pdf131.07 KB
PDF icon 2023_BOD_Election_Nomination_Form.pdf65.6 KB
PDF icon 2023_BOD_Election_Nomination_Form_FR.pdf65.72 KB
PDF icon Villas-Board-of-Directors-Meeting-Minutes-June-30-2023.pdf103.91 KB
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